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Implementing Pilot Demonstration
Energy Efficient Model Buildings

Environmental Design Solutions (EDS) invites building owners, developers, builders, and other project proponents to submit an Expression of Interest affirming an interest in their buildings being selected as Energy Efficient Model Buildings (EEMBs), by January 09, 2017. Only commercial buildings (offices, BPOs, shopping malls, hotels) and institutional buildings are eligible to apply. Buildings will be short-listed based on an evaluation criteria that considers built-up area, occupancy, location, construction timeline, and potential for incorporating energy efficiency measures to comply with Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). Buildings that have the potential to fulfill the project objectives will be selected by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on rolling basis.

The Energy Efficient Model Buildings (EEMB) project is being implemented to demonstrate the technical and commercial feasibility of complying with ECBC. The target of the EEMB project is to achieve 1 million m2 of ECBC compliant commercial buildings across cities located in different climatic zones in India through UNDP-GEF-BEE project intervention. Selected buildings will be eligible for technical assistance and financial incentives and will be required to demonstrate compliance with Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) towards the close of the project. For details related to EEMBs, selection criteria, ECBC requirements, technical assistance, and financial incentives, refer to the 'background note' included in the next column.

Background Note
Expression of Interest Forms

All documents, presentations, and forms related to the project can be also be found on the following websites:

Who should apply?
Project Owners, Builders, Developers, Architects

Interested projects may fill out and e-mail an Expression of Interest form to
by January 09, 2017
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For further information, please contact:
Ms Aarti Nain
Environmental Design Solutions
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